I want to say thank you to Johan from Technolasers for fixing my Beauty Laser Machine (my multifunctional one). He lives in Pretoria and fixes the Dr’s and the Hospital Machines at Westville Hospital in Durban and drives out to customers and fixes the machines at their (customers) premises. If he can’t fix it, he takes it with him to his business and keeps you up to date on what he has done etc etc. His prices are very reasonable. He sells Beauty Laser and Aesthetic Machines. You are most welcome to have a look on his website, if you require any machines and also if you need your machine/s to be fixed. He is a genuine person. I will definitely recommend him.  If you want his details, just ask me in private. 

I have learned that every thing has a life span, specially Beauty Laser Machines. And every year there is new upgrade machines on the market. Same with cars, tv, cell phones etc

I have also learned that companies who are selling Beauty Laser Machines just want Salon Owners to only buy from them...... I am so over this, really. People are so selfish and self centered they just don’t care or show compassion. 

Anybody in Empangeni or Rbay who has Beauty Laser Machines that needs to be serviced or fixed. Please inbox or private message me. I have someone from Pretoria that comes this side to do the hospital machines in Durban etc. He repaired and fixed my machine. And his prices are good. I am so happy with him. And whats nice about it, he repairs it at your place. He has a website too and selling machines too. He will be here on Saturday. 

 [Laetitia Muhl]

Building 4, CSIR Campus,
Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria

+27 (0)12 349 1750

+27 (0)83 379 3988