As a German medical device manufacturer, it is of our interest to contribute and support the diagnosis and treatment of people around the world by providing durable and reliable medical devices. Our state-of-the-art MRI systems can provide large benefits in terms of time and cost efficiency. 

Permanent Magnet MRI Scanner: Marcom 0.5T

Marcom 0.5T is an open 0.5T permanent magnet MRI system equipped with a powerful RF and gradient system. In combination with the advanced imaging technology, making it a high-end system, it is comparable to high-field MRI systems

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Permanent Magnet MRI Scanner: Marcom 0.35T

Marcom 0.35T is an open 0.35T permanent magnet MRI scanner which supplies fast imaging and high-quality images and provides rich preset scan protocols as well as advanced applications.

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Cytom 16 multi-slice ultra-fast CT scanner

Cytom 16 is a multi-slice ultra-fast CT scanner with PowerLink Non-Contact Power Technology.

PowerLink eliminates limitations of today’s rotating gantry systems providing lowest cost, highest reliability CT power system, and a slip ring free solution.

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Vento 62 ventilator

Vento 62 is an advanced adult and pediatric ventilator with various ventilation modes to fulfill all requirements of intensive patient care units. The system is equipped with a 15" TFT touch screen monitor.

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Xenox M100 Plus - motor-driven mobile DR x-ray system

The Xenox M100 Plus is a fully digital, motor-driven mobile x-ray with an amorphous silicone flat panel. In the Xenox M100 Plus, the High Frequency Stable Operating Technology provides the stability to generate quadrate waves to give better penetration for the tube. The tube and main unit are protected against overheating by a safety circuit that constantly monitors the tube’s heat capacity.

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Avacs 50


  • Applicable to pediatric, adult and infants
  • Various ventilation modes
  • Highly integrated absorber
  • The absorber could be automatically heated, to avoid water condensation
  • 15″ touch screen
  • Touch screen & navigation wheel for simple operation
  • Penlon vaporizer with automatic compensation for temperature, pressure and flow
  • Two Vaporizer positions to ensure anesthetic accuracy
  • Proportional valves Technology
  • Close-loop control
  • 3-level graded and color coded alarms for different risks
  • Electronic flow meter with High accuracy
  • Anesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS) active system (optional)
  • Sophisticated monitoring

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IPN 56 - Infusion pump

IPN 56 is an infusion pump with horizontal design, which effectively prevents drug liquid leakage into the pump

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