Slender. High-end. Economical.

Camera, light, optics and microphone are combined in this flexible video endoscope. The sophisticated camera electronics features advanced sensor technology and convincing optics to ensure highcontrast images with accurate detail.

The video nasopharyngoscope is connected to the control device via a single cable, and the controls are ergonomically positioned. The symmetrically designed handle is equally convenient for both right and left-handers.

The video nasopharyngoscope is suitable for reprocessing by all common mechanical and manual methods.

As a stand-alone device with the XION Adapter Box

In combination with the XION Adapter Box, the XION Video Nasopharyngoscope EV-NC can be connected to any monitor or PC. External recording devices for video, photo and audio recordings can be controlled via the XION Adapter Box.

As part of the XION system

The XION Video Nasopharyngoscope EV-NC can be combined with all XION systems. From the portable EndoPORTABLE and the easily manoeuvrable EndoCOMPACT to the highly specialized EndoSTROB.

The versatile EndoSURGERY system can be used both in ENT as well as in arthroscopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and urological endoscopy.

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